Monday, May 5, 2014

Estate Sale Finds

Happy Monday! Saturday I was able to go to a couple of estate sales and found a few good items. The first one I went to was in another town about 20 minutes away, and the first day of the sale. I was able to review the items on, and I was 4th in line. I took the advice given from a fellow blogger and asked the person at the door where the Christmas stuff was. She pointed me the way and I was the first one up the stairs. I did this last week also and scored what I wanted both times. It does help knowing where you are going to at least have a chance at getting what you want. The main item I wanted at this particular sale was the floral arrangement below.
I wanted those kneehugger elves and mushroom pics! I only have two kneehugger elves and wanted more, but they are not that easy to find here unless you get them at an antique shop or Ebay and I don't want to pay those prices. I got the whole arrangement for $3!
I took the arrangement apart and will re-use the greenery and other picks in craft projects, but the kneehuggers will find their place on my Christmas tree.
At the same sale, I was able to snag these 1" Shiny Brights for .50 cents a box. I bought all seven boxes. They are blue and silver. My son found some old Spiderman comic books, so he was a happy boy. We decided to head home and on the way I spotted an estate sale sign and decided to stop. It didn't look like anyone was there, so I went to the door to see if they had any information posted and realized that I forgot my money in my jacket that I had taken off in the car, so I turned around to go and get it. A lady opened the door asked me if I wanted to come in. She said they weren't open yet, but I could go ahead and come in. I ran to the car, fetched my money and we went on in. Once inside, the lady told me that this was actually the second weekend and these were the leftovers, so I was optimistic that I would find anything good left.
This box of doll furniture was laying on the floor and I asked how much they were and she told me $5.00!!! Sold! I didn't have time to look all the way through it, but I knew it was a good buy.
There were 79 pieces in all, most of it being Renwal. There were pots and pans, silver candlesticks, bath towels, even a family of five and some extra babies, in addition to all of the furniture. I can't believe I found this! A few years ago I found two gallon sized ziplock bags full of vintage doll furniture for $7.50 per bag. At the same sale, I found this Pyrex Cinderella bowl for $2.50 for my mom. It's the largest bowl. I can't believe it was still there! My son scored some vintage Frisbees (I mean really old ones), four for $1.00.
These Norcrest bluebirds were a recent Ebay find. They were $4.99 with $2.99 shipping, and I couldn't pass it up. They are just so cute and in perfect condition. Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Great finds! That Christmas centerpiece with all the kneehuggers was a bargain, and the ornaments too. Just love your bluebirds, they were an eBay steal. Good for you!

    1. Hi Pam! Aren't the bluebirds just adorable? I love them so much. At first I thought $4.99 was the starting price and then I realized it was the But It Now price. I couldn't Buy It Now fast enough! I knew they had to be mine! I don't think the person selling them knew what they were because they didn't have the maker anywhere on the listing.

  2. Hi Tammy, you found some great treasures. Love those knee huggers and aren't those bluebirds so sweet?? What a great price you got on ebay for those darlings.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So enjoyed my visit here on your lovely blog and a follower now too.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you are here! I am hoping to add some decorating pics soon highlighting some of my finds. Stay tuned!

  3. Thanks for visiting and following. I've enjoyed reading back through your posts. Tough giving up a booth but when a mall changes in focus from vintage to new you just have to make decisions. Nice finds in all your posts.

  4. Hi Tammy! I just happened to find your blog. I love your buttons on the side bar. I need to add the thrift store one to mine. I love thrifting too. I'm a new follower and I'd love if you'd follow me. I'm on instagram too, I'm not very good at it HA! but I'm trying.


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