Monday, April 28, 2014

Friday Finds

My air conditioner started acting up last week, so I decided to take Friday off and have someone come and look at it. If you've ever been to Texas, you know it gets hot here fast and you have to have air conditioning. Anyway, I made the appointment for the afternoon so I could get out in the morning and hit a couple of estate and yard sales.
I hit the first day of an estate sale first. I was about 20th in line, but I still managed to find some great items. These vintage ornamants were .25 cents each. They had a shoebox full, and the lady running it said she'd sell me the whole box for $1.00, but the others were in terrible shape, so I opted to just get these.
I got these old jello molds for $2 a stack at the estate sale. Great for vintage inspired crafts!
This pretty Fenton rose bowl was $6.00 at the same sale. I love Fenton ruffled glass items.
This bag full of cookie cutters was $3.00. I picked out what I wanted and will donate the rest. There was even a green handled one in there. Yea!!
This little shell doll was .50 cents. I'm going to display her with my shell boxes.
These vintage rose tumblers were .50 cents each.
These swanky swigs were sitting on a window ledge in the kitchen of the estate sale, and I nearly missed seeing them. I think that's why they were still there when I made my way into the house. I got nine of them for .50 each!!!
My final purchase at the estate sale were these two millifiori paperweights. I collect paperweights, but don't have any like these. They were $3.00 each.
I hit a different estate sale and found this Holt Howard Santa cup for .25 cents. It still had the HH sticker on the bottom.
After I hit the two estate sales, I decided to swing by the Goodwill. Why not, it was on my way home (kinda sorta). I found this wire stand for $5.99. I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but it was unusual, so I went ahead and bought it. I got home and started to wipe it down and the light bulb came on. I put phone insulators in the holders and they fit perfectly. Add a few votive candles and there you go! Instant patio ambiance. This will look cool on my patio in the evening.
The second I saw this candle holder on the shelf at the Goodwill I snapped it up. It reminds me of a french crown. A Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle fits perfectly in it. I recently broke my mercury glass candle holder that sat on my coffee table, so this is a great replacement for $1.99! All in all, it was a good thrifting day, except at the end of the day when the air conditioner repair person showed up. My fan motor had gone out and the total bill was $738.00. Ouch! I may have to stop thrifting for awhile. ; )


  1. So much great stuff, where do I start? With the shell doll, she is so precious! Love vintage Christmas ornies and anything HH. Oh those jello molds are fab and such a great price. Steer me from the swanky swigs, love them but can't start another collection, lol.

    1. Forgot to mention how creative the drive-in sign you made is, love it!

    2. Thanks Pam! I got very lucky at the first sale, the second estate sale was a bust, with the exception of the Santa mug. I know what you mean about collections. I have too many already, but no husband to tell me no. Lol. I have to be real careful not to have too much stuff.

  2. I so enjoy vintage glasses! They are so much fun to use:) Bummer about your AC! Our AC is very old and we might have to replace it this summer, ugh! However, with this weather, we might have a cool summer :)

  3. That crown is too cool! My best friends last name is King so i'm always grabbing crowns for them. I spy a scottie dog cookie cutter in that bag of goodness! That was a steal for sure.
    Great finds for sure. Sorry about your air conditioner but its true, you cant play around with Texas heat!


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