Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy, Happy - Joy, Joy!

I'm feeling pretty happy today! My Mom and I went to our antique mall to give our two week notice that we were going to have to shut down our booth because we weren't making enough to cover the rent. We told them that we loved being there, but we were slowly losing ground and losing money. Clark, the guy that manages the mall when the owner isn't there told us that they had been thinking about splitting some of the booth sizes in half and would we be interested in keeping the same location, just less square footage. We jumped at the chance because right now we have a nice big booth, and cutting it in half would really help us financially. We will be able to keep it full more easily, and we will be on a corner in the front of the store, which is what we want. I'm so glad he mentioned that to us because we really didn't want to give it up. We'll be sliding over into the smaller space at the end of the month. At least I've still got an excuse to keep junking and not be considered a hoarder! "It's for the booth" is my standard excuse. Lol. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!