Tuesday, June 4, 2013

For The Birds...and a couple of other things

I made this bird feeder a couple of years ago, but thought I'd share it. It's made out of an old graniteware lid. I removed the wood knob, used a long screw to screw the lid into a wood spindle that I painted, added a screw eye to the top of the spindle, then added a chain for hanging. It works great and the birds love it. I was looking for a clever way to display my potholders and ran across this turquoise laundry dryer at the Goodwill for $1.50. I hung it from a hook in the ceiling. A simple way to display them and it doesn't take up much space. This past weekend, we had the last of our yearly yard sales to finance our travel expenses for our family vacation. One of my brothers and his wife donated some items for the sale. While going through the boxes they sent over I gasped and said "What?". In the box was the jadeite platter above. They know I've collected jadeite for many years and I couldn't believe they were holding out on me! I'm assuming this was from my SIL's mothers estate as she passed away last year. I kept digging through the box and again said "What?" because I was staring at I Love Lucy wind chimes. I didn't get a picture of them, but they are so darn cute! I've been an I Love Lucy fan since I was a little girl. I found two treasures at a yard sale Saturday, my own yard sale! We made our goal of $1000 for our vacation, and I found some treasures too. It was a good day!


  1. Oh wow! I am glad she donated the platter to your sale and not someone else's! I am glad you have it!
    WTG on the profit you made at your sale! I never make even close to that.

    1. We had three sales to get to $1000. We really got rid of a bunch of stuff.

  2. Eeeeek! Love that platter. I found 4 bread plates with the same edging design at a yard sale for 50 cents for the set! I'm glad to see that there you can still get good prices at some yard sales.



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