Monday, May 6, 2013

Recent Finds!

Certain items you are looking for seem to come in waves. These past few weeks has been about linens. The past couple of weeks I have been out junking and have found some good items for cheap. The set of morning glory pillowcases were $1.00 for both. The pink crocheted single pillowcase was also $1.00. The hankies were .50 cents each. The lady selling these at the Antique Alley sale had a basket full of them. I can't believe she was selling them so cheap, but good for me! Moda Home Christmas towels were brand new and $5.99 for the set of four at the Goodwill. I looked these up on Ebay and they were going for $24.99 for the set. They look so vintage! The red handled rolling pin was $1.00 and the birdhouse was $2.00. These tablecloths were .50 cents and $1.00 each. Love it when I find tablecloths and people don't know the value! I'll add these to my hoard collection. This vintage Christmas table runner was .99 cents at the Goodwill. It fits my sideboard perfectly, so I will be keeping it. It has the same design on both ends. I'm going to hit the Salvation Army today during my lunch hour. I hope I find something good!


  1. You scored on those tablecloths! I found 3 at a garage sale this morning. Even if I find nothing else, as long as I find either tablecloths or Pyrex, it's a good day:-)


  2. Awesome scores! I really like the mod christmas tree on the table runner.


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