Monday, March 4, 2013

My finds at First Monday Trade Days in Canton

One of the dealers at the flea market had a suitcase full of pretty vintage aprons. They had all been washed, starched, and pressed. I asked the lady who owned the booth how much they were and she said they were $3.00 each. I asked if she would sell me 7 for $20.00 and she did. I'm going to keep a couple of them and sell the rest in the booth. This bridge table tablecloth was only .50 cents. It has a very simple design on it, but I thought it was nice for the price. You don't see these very often. It's going in the booth. Cute cast iron creamy white bunny was $4.00. It's going in the booth. I stated in an earlier post that I pick up Christmas fabric when I find it and I found these VIP fabric pieces for .50 cents each. The red was 1/4 yard and the green was 1/2 yard. Can't wait until I have enough to start working on the quilt! These Leonard shakers were $3.00. They are large and fancy, and will be going into the booth. Vintage kitchen towels! The one on the top has a red crocheted border on the top and bottom and was in great condition. The towel on the bottom, in all it's anthropomorphic goodness, has a few stains but I think I can get them out. I'm keeping the anthro towel and the plain towel is going into the booth. I got these for .50 cents each. Cast iron mermaid in a robins egg blue was only $2.00. It's going into the booth next to the shell boxes. This dresser scarf and hanky were .50 each. Sets of cast iron rusty crusty keys. They were $3.00 per set, and I can get $8.00 per set for them in the booth. This cute rusty cast iron hanger was $5.00. It's booth bound too. Syrup pitcher was $2.00. Every time I put one of these in the booth it sells quickly. I'm in love with this valance! I don't know what I'm going to use it for, but I am keeping it for myself!


  1. All GREAT finds! I would have snapped all of that up too had I been there-lucky you!!!

    1. Thanks for checking out my finds! It was cold and windy, but we had alot of fun and there were great deals everywhere. I haven't even posted everything I found yet. I'm hoping to do that this week while I'm on vacation.


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