Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The New Booth

As I mentioned in my previous post, we (me, my mom, and my brother) moved to a new antique mall. We went from a square 8x10 booth to a long, narrow 7x11 booth. We are liking the flexibility of the longer booth. The only thing we miss is having electricity in our new booth. Overall, we are doing well in the new booth having only been there a month this Saturday. This weekend we are going to hit up the famous First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX. We always find good stuff there! I'll post my finds as well as some other items I have purchased recently. Everyone have a safe and wonderful week!


  1. You're living my dream! I'd love to have a booth in an antique mall, or just own an antique store. Can't wait to see all of the goodies that came home with you from Canton. Wishing you lots of good junking mojo!

  2. Your booth looks great. I wish I were closer to visit. I would also love to go to Canton some day. One of my dealer friends goes there and I have been tempted to hitch a ride. Have fun. I can't wait to see what you find!

  3. I wish I lived close enough to visit too.
    Love your booth, looks like lots of FunTastic stuff to drool over.

    1. Thanks Kym! We're trying to had alot of different things in there to appeal to a wide range of collectors and decorators. So far we are doing rather well in the new booth.


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