Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Thrifts Were Slow

I took last Friday off from work to take care of some personal things and was able to hit a few thrifts in between my errands. There wasn't much at any of the three stores I went to. That was disappointing, but I did find a few treasures.
I found this large Longaberger basket at the Goodwill. It is a large basket on wood feet. It looks like it's made to hold magazines, but I haven't done the research yet to see which basket it is. It cost me a whopping $2.35!
I found these two metal recipe boxes at a different Goodwill. They were .50 cents each.
This adorable Madeline tea set was $4.00 at the little thrift store around the corner from my house. Normally I wouldn't pay that, but I know I can at least double that price in my booth...and it was so adorable (and complete) that I just couldn't leave it there.
We have a long weekend coming up with Labor Day ahead and it is also Canton weekend. Woo Hoo!!! Me and my junking partners in crime (my mom and brother) will be hitting up Canton Flea Market on Saturday morning. I got money for my recent birthday, so I'm going to hit The Dish Barn and see if I can find some Fiesta dinner plates since I'm having trouble finding those at the thrifts. I'm finding lots of other pieces, but dinner plates seem to be avoiding my capture. I'll post my finds next week. I hope everyone has a wonderful junk-filled weekend! ~Tammy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pyrex and More Fiesta!

I posted a few days ago about the ease of finding Fiesta lately. Yesterday I hit another Goodwill on the way home from work that I don't go to often. I found a few Fiesta goodies, as well as some Pyrex.
These Fiesta cups are in the teal color. It's hard to tell in the pic because they are so dark. Goodwill only charges .50 cents for cups, saucers, and bowls. They charge $1.00 for plates.
These Fiesta cups are cobalt. I'm finding more cobalt Fiesta pieces than anything. Does no one like Fiesta cobalt and they donate it to Goodwill? I don't know, but I'm happy to be finding it.
As I mentioned above, I found a few pieces of Pyrex. This Cinderella mixing bowl pattern is called Early American. I got it for $2.15.
Here's another piece I got yesterday. It's also a Cinderella mixing bowl and the pattern is Butterprint. It was also $2.15.
This white Fire King Swirl mixing bowl was $1.00. I found some pretty good items for a little of nothing. I got out of Goodwill for under $10.00. Now that was an amazing feat in itself! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Quilts

I woke up this morning and it was raining (thank the Lord, we needed the rain so desperately). Not a hard rain, but a gentle rain that sounds so soothing. I wanted to stay in bed, wrapped up in my soft quilt, but alas, I had to get up and go to work. As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, I passed by my collection of pitchers and tumblers and thought I'd share them. I pieced these sets together, one glass at a time. I love putting sets back together. I do this with Pyrex, snack sets, pitchers and tumblers, salt and pepper shakers.
Anchor Hocking Forest Green pitcher and polka dot tumblers. The pitcher belonged to my Grandmother, and I purchased the six tumblers separate. Those tumblers are hard to find. When you do find them, they are either not in good condition (with the white dots worn off), or they are expensive.
This is also an Anchor Hocking set. I don't know the pattern name though.
Aqua Soreno set, also by Anchor Hocking.
Royal Ruby Bubble, another lovely Anchor Hocking pattern. I didn't set out to collect Anchor Hocking sets particularly, it just happen by accident. I hope y'all enjoy my collection. I have more pitcher and tumbler sets than what I'm showing here, but they are incomplete sets so I didn't want to show those just yet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fiesta Gods Are Smiling Down On Me!

I don't know what the heck is happening, but ever since I decided that I was going to start looking for Fiesta to use for my everyday dishes, I've been finding some every week. I have been using my red banded Corelle for about nine years now and I'm ready for something different, so I decided on the Fiesta. As soon as I can compile enough Fiesta to have enough place settings, I'm going to start using it. I found these pieces this weekend at the Goodwill.
The cobalt plates are actually snack plates and they were $1.00 each. I looked on Ebay, and these plates are going for $21.85 each minimum. The turquoise cups were .50 cents each. Soon I should have enough if my luck doesn't run out. I plan on hitting the Canton Flea Market on Labor Day weekend and there is a dish barn there that carries Fiesta. I may have to buy some items there to complete my place settings, although it is fun to find them for next to nothing. I love that challenge! Hope everyone has a good week! Tammy

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Finds, No Time

For the past month, I have been very busy with vacation, the big birthday sale at the antique mall where I have my booth, getting my son to band camp, etc. I have been junking during that time when I get a free hour here and there, but no time to organize, display and take pics of my finds. I finally got a free evening last night to do that. Here's what I've found in the past several weeks:
I found these two Jim Shore angels for $5.55 each at the Goodwill. I'm keeping the one on the right because she's holding a nest of bluebirds and I love bluebirds. I love Jim Shore stuff. I love that he incorporates quilt patterns into his designs. The harvest angel on the left I'm giving to my sister-in-law. She collects Jim Shore angels, and it will be perfect for fall.
I found this pretty Made In Japan turkey platter at the Goodwill for $3.99.
One day last week I hit the dinnerware motherload. I found these Shenango Restaurantware pieces at the Goodwill. I got 8 salad plates, 7 saucers, and 8 coffee cups. All were .50 cents a piece.
I found these Frankoma dinner plates the same trip as the Shenango. There were 8 plates and I paid $1.00 per plate.
The Blue Ridge dinnerware above was bundled together for $6.99 at the Goodwill. Yep, same day and store. Told you I hit the dinnerware motherload! There were 4 dinner plates, 4 saucers, and 9 fruit bowls.
I found six Anchor Hocking Early American Prescut coasters for .50 cents each at the Goodwill three weeks ago when I was in Gatlinburg on vacation. The Goodwill store itself is in Pigeon Forge. There were lots of antique stores there, but I just didn't have time to go to them. We were busy doing more kid friendly things.
I found this adorable Black Americana cookie jar at the Salvation Army for $1.99! I think it may be a reproduction, but I don't care, I thought he was so cute.
These three 70's pillowcases were .49 cents each at the Salvation Army.
A fellow blogger, can't remember fellow bloggers name (Sorry fellow blogger!), had a post on items to be found at World Market. I happen to have a World Market in my city, so I headed over there yesterday afternoon. I bought the cute metal measuring spoons she showed on her blog, plus I found the items above. I hit the clearance section and found these cute 4th of July buckets. They were 50% off, so I got them for $1.99 each. The pennants were also in the clearance section and I bought two sets. They were also half price and I got them for $3.49 each. That's all I have for now ladies. Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Remember Big Boy?

I didn't have anything prepared for Rednesday this week. It's been hectic getting back to work after vacation and now getting my son ready to start school on the 27th. He's had band camp all this week, so I've been running around getting supplies, picking him up on my lunch hour, etc. The only pic I had available was this Frisch's Big Boy in Richmond, Indiana. We were there in March visting my Grandmother, and we always make a point to go there and eat when we visit. I always have the pork tenderloin sandwich and the mac & cheese. Yes, It's a diet buster special, but so yummy, real comfort food!
Sure wish we had a Big Boy here. We used to, but it went out of business about 15 years ago.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cute Thrifty Lantern!

These cute lanterns were made by using lanterns that didn't have tops on them and vintage Ball jar caps. I bought the lanterns not realizing that they were missing the tops. When I finally noticed it, I was disapointed that I didn't notice that small detail because I try and look over items very carefully. Who knows where my mind was that day. I started wondering what I could use instead and looked around in my "pile of treasures (aka junk)" and Lo and Behold, the Ball jar caps!
The lanterns were $1.49 each.
The Ball jar caps were only .50 cents each. $1.99 per lantern and they have a vintage look to them!