Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goodwill Outlet in Dayton, OH is a crazy place!

Just got back from a trip to Indiana to visit my Grandma and we decided to cross over into Ohio and do some junking.  One of my Grandma's friend's told her about a Goodwill store in Dayton.  Little did we know that this store was an outlet and we had never been to a Goodwill Outlet before.  We walked in and noticed that there was no shelving, only rows and rows of flat bins on wheels.  After we recovered from the shock of that, we noticed that one row had tons of people digging in the bins and tossing stuff aside what they did not want.  Being naturally curious, I went over to see what they were digging for.  I soon discovered that these people were E-Bay and Craigslist pickers.  These people were acting crazy, digging and sometimes breaking what they tossed aside.  Broken glass was everywhere in the bins.  You could tell who the regulars were because they were all wearing work gloves.  And you better not be in their way if they spotted something they wanted.  I can't tell you how many times I was pushed out of the way by one of these crazies!  The Goodwill employess would take a row of bins away, and the pickers would line up on both sides of where the next row of bins would be rolled in.  Once the new bins were rolled in, the pickers went to town!  Once they were done, me, my Mom, and my 84 year old Grandmother would go and see what they left.  We purchased several items each, but I don't think this kind of picking is for me.  I am going to photograph what I found there and post the pics tomorrow.