Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I just had to show off the cute Batman pumpkin that my son did for Halloween. Last year I was at the Goodwill and saw a cute set of Batman pumpkin push-ins. The package had never been opened and was $1.29. I thought my son might like it, so I bought the set. I thought at the time that they were plastic, but was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the package a few nights ago and realized that the push-ins are metal. My son is always saying there's never anything good at the Goodwill, despite me finding him several nice Lego sets for nearly nothing. Who says there's nothing good at the Goodwill?
I just had to show off the horseshoes above. A friend of mine from work retired recently and she has been crafting up a storm. I showed her one of my decorating magazines that had an article on how to embellish horseshoes and she made the adorable ones above. Way to go Debbie!

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