Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Thrifts Were Slow

I took last Friday off from work to take care of some personal things and was able to hit a few thrifts in between my errands. There wasn't much at any of the three stores I went to. That was disappointing, but I did find a few treasures.
I found this large Longaberger basket at the Goodwill. It is a large basket on wood feet. It looks like it's made to hold magazines, but I haven't done the research yet to see which basket it is. It cost me a whopping $2.35!
I found these two metal recipe boxes at a different Goodwill. They were .50 cents each.
This adorable Madeline tea set was $4.00 at the little thrift store around the corner from my house. Normally I wouldn't pay that, but I know I can at least double that price in my booth...and it was so adorable (and complete) that I just couldn't leave it there.
We have a long weekend coming up with Labor Day ahead and it is also Canton weekend. Woo Hoo!!! Me and my junking partners in crime (my mom and brother) will be hitting up Canton Flea Market on Saturday morning. I got money for my recent birthday, so I'm going to hit The Dish Barn and see if I can find some Fiesta dinner plates since I'm having trouble finding those at the thrifts. I'm finding lots of other pieces, but dinner plates seem to be avoiding my capture. I'll post my finds next week. I hope everyone has a wonderful junk-filled weekend! ~Tammy


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    1. I can't believe I found two at the same time. I hardly ever find those except in the antique malls. I just put those in my booth today.


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