Monday, June 4, 2012

Canton was the bomb this weekend!

I went to the Canton Flea Market on Saturday with my Mom and brother. It seemed like there were $1.00 tables everywhere, and I took advantage of that. This is me below at Canton with my trusty little shopping cart. Don't laugh, I had my redneck chic look going! It was 95 degrees out and it felt like it, but that did not stop us from finding some great junk! Christmas tablecloth, apple tablecloth, and full apron for $1.00 each! I hit the potholder motherload. I found eleven potholders, all for $1.00 each. Cute plastic salt & pepper shakers. The turquoise shakers were $1.00 and the yellow tulip shakers were $2.00 This rooster plate was $1.00. It looks very french country! Cast iron mermaid. She is medium sized and was $8.00. Cast iron hands. They were $6.00 each. $1.00 each for these beautiful vintage hankies! These green Anchor Hocking vases were $1.00 each. My Mom gave me the cobalt vases on Saturday. The one in the middle and the one on the right are Indiana Glass. The silver basket with cobalt insert was $3.00 I just loved this childs embroidered pillowcase and yellow baby shoe. They were $1.00 each. Black dish with pretty rose was in a $1.00 bin. Ball jar lids. .50 cents each. 1968 Empire Blow-mold Santa. This cute lil' feller was $5.00. Fabric anyone? This lady had tons of fabric, her husband said she had too much and needed to get rid of some of it. $1.00 per yard! Last, but not least were these beautiful metal trays. I nearly choked when the seller quoted the price as $1.00 each.


  1. FUN FINDS! You scored big time in the Dollar Department! Hot pads, my vintage favorite! All that fun and for under 50.00; and some silly people waste that same amount taking the family to a movie!


  2. Hello!
    Such treasure...
    I loved the rosey tin trays..
    It,s lovely to find your sweet blog...
    Love Maria x


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