Monday, June 25, 2012

A Few Goods Finds!

We were going to have a family yard sale this past weekend, but it is just too hot. It is supposed to be 103 today and in the 100's all this week. Instead, we hit the thrifts and re-filled our booth instead. Here are my finds from this weekend: I found this Anchor Hocking canister jar for $1.15. There is a set of three listed on Ebay for $89.99. I may just have to look for the other two and complete the set! I found this avocado Anchor Hocking Milano pitcher for $2.15 at the Goodwill. I like to look for the glasses and sell them in my booth as a set. They sell better that way. While at the Goodwill looking at the glassware, I noticed a box mixed in with the glasses. Being naturally curious, I opened the box and this Breakfast At Tiffany's mug was in it. Brand new in the box for .50 cents. I was very excited to find this, as I love that movie. Yeah, I'm keeping it. I found these four bags of metal bead garland for $1.15 per bag. We decorate our booth at Christmas including a tree, and these will look good on our tree. I like to pick up vintage looking Christmas tins, such as this one that I found for .50 cents. I give cookies away in them and also have them on my kitchen counter at Christmas filled with our holiday goodies. I found this cobalt egg cup for .99 cents at the Goodwill. These four yellow Fiesta berry bowls were also found at the Goodwill for .50 cents each. This Fire King saucer was .50 cents. The gold rim on it looked really good, so I couldn't pass it up. Hallmark ornaments sell well in our booth during the Christmas sale at the antique mall, so I picked this one up for $1.15. It is in wonderful shape, and still in the box. I almost always buy Pyrex when I see it. This casserole was $3.15 at the Goodwill. I collect anthropomorphic kitchen items, and this is the first time in all the years I have been junking that I have ever found one of these tea bag holders at a thrift store. She was only $1.15! I had a holder to put her in as I pick those up when I find them. These boxes of Shiny Brites were only $1.35 per box. I think these are newer Shiny Brites, but I didn't care because they already have that vintage mercury glass ornament patina to them. Now that I have started filling my hutch, I had to show it off. I bought this hutch at an estate sale in Indiana for $80 three years ago. I stashed it in my Grandmothers basement for two years because at the time I didn't have a way to get it back to Texas. Last August, I was able to have a hitch put on my Jeep and rented a trailer to bring it back. I was storing it in my garage until I could put a fresh coat of paint on it. A few months ago out of the blue I cleaned it up, changed out the silver metal knobs and added green glass knobs that I already had, and brought it into the house without painting it. It looks just fine without fresh paint and I'm filling it up with treasures. Below are the items inside: That's all I have for this week! I'll be going on a four day business trip beginning Thursday to Hampton, VA, so I won't be junking this weekend. Hope everyone has a great week! ~Tammy

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  1. That hutch is simply gorgeous, and doesn't need a single lick of paint! Love your cute collection inside too. And when you find Fiesta bowls for 50 cents, you've had yourself one great junking week!


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