Friday, August 12, 2011

Some of my own collections

I thought I'd share some pics of things I have at home.  I have several other collections, but these are all I could muster up this morning before heading out to work.  Enjoy!

These are a few items from my anthropomorphic collection.  I just love looking at these cheery smiling faces every morning! 

Miscellaneous advertising items on top of my English kitchen cabinet

Here is my jadeite collection housed in my English cabinet.  I have about 200 pieces, and although I no longer actively look to buy jadeite, if I find a piece that is really cheap I will buy it.

A small portion of my vintage tablecloth, potholder and apron collection.  I have half of the English cabinet stuffed full of these items.  I just love vintage fabrics!

 Here is my pitcher and drinkware collections started by accident.  I started compiling sets really cheap to put in my booth then I found I couldn't part with them. 

This is my vintage kitchen utensils collection.  They are hanging on a basket tree from the ceiling.  It's a great way to display them and have them up out of the way.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Thanks for checking out my stuff!


  1. Hi Tammy~ Love all your collections!! What Antique Mall are you in? I live very close to Arlington and I see that you have met Charlene. She is one of my friends that I haven't seen in forever. I'm in the Lone Star Antique Mall. Hope we get to meet one of these days.
    Hugs, Pat

  2. Hi, I am new to your blog. I love the idea you came up with to display old kitchen utensils. I need to keep my eye out for one of those basket holders. I used to have a collection of Jane Ray Jadite but I sold it. I rather fancy the plain restaurantware and still have a few pieces of that left. Unfortunately restaurantware is getting harder to find and more expensive too. That is quite the collection of vintage linens you have.~Ames

  3. I would love to dig through those linens!! Fun blog, I will be following along ;) come over and check out mine too!


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