Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heartbroken over a canned ham! : (

Where do I start?  I have been wanting a vintage camper for it seems like forever after I saw a magazine article about a group of ladies that refurbished their own camper and would meet once a year with other ladies that had refurbish old campers.  My cousins had two that they had restored and I wanted one so badly, but they did not want to sell theirs back in August when I was in Indiana.  Fast forward to March, I started talking about wanting a camper again and my Mom told me to call the cousins and see if they would sell me one of the campers.  I told her that if they wanted to sell surely they would have let me know so I farted around and put off making the call.  I just found out Sunday that they sold one of the campers four months ago.  WHAT???  I was so disappointed!  I got on Craigslist yesterday morning and found a Shasta camper for sale in the same town I live in and it was only $350.00!  I emailed the guy quickly and expressed my interest only to get an email back at the end of the day telling me that he sold it to the first person that emailed him.  I am so hungry for a canned ham that I can taste it!!!

This looks yummy!    


  1. Oh, don't give up! Once you have the "eye" for the hams, you'll see them around every corner. Many of the people on the vintage camper forums found theirs by just going up to some house with one parked in the back yard and asking if they will sell it. I had two: My 1956 Trotwood I am still refurbishing and a 1955 Mobile Scout bought for $300 off of Craigslist 9I sold it for $500 a couple of months ago after I was transfered to a new city and knew it would not get the attention I needed to give it). If you are ever back in Indiana and want to take a drive, Michigan has thousands of these beauties and many have old, dried "For Sale" signs in the windows!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am determined to own one of these beauties. It's funny you mentioned how alot of the vintage camper bloggers got theirs, because when I asked my cousin if he would sell one of his, he told me to drive around until I see one and go ask the homeowner if they would sell it. He bought one of his for $100 and the other for $300. I know there is one out there meant for me!

  3. Tammy it is sooooooooo nice to meet you! Thank you fro the sweet words about the "canned Ham" thaat my friend Laverne has redone! THEY ARE FLIPPIN ADORABLE! She is in Sisters on the Fly & LOVES IT! Keep looking & you'll find one. And then the fun begins. I looked for one for about 3 months & then realized I couldn't do it now when we wanted one we could vacation in & it needed to be bigger than the old ones. And I KNOW I won't be pulling that 34 foot beast behind ME when I'm drivin! I need to do a post of her daughters Shasta. It's cute too. Check back so you'll catch it.

    We live really close! I live south of Ft Worth & my friend lives in Mansfield. Small world isn't it? Charlene


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