Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, the junk was good today!

I found some awesome stuff today for CHEAP!!!  Here we go:

Vintage toaster cookie jar  $10.00  (This is SO cute, I'm keeping it for myself)
Louis Vuittan purse  $20.00  Yes, and it is authentic!!!
Coach purse  $20.00  Yes, this one is real too!!!
Paperweight  $4.00
Set of anthropomorphic S & P shakers (oranges)  $3.99
Cottage style teapot  $5.00
Porcelain Santa figurine  $1.00
Heavy duty wooden Texas shaped cutting board  $3.00
Boo Berry bank $1.00
Homco Christmas children set  $3.00
Homco Christmas angel set  $3.00
Med. Dreamsicle angel with bluebirds  $1.00  (This is signed by the artist!)
Sm. Dreamsicle angel with bluebird  $ .50
Hersheys Chocolate tin  $ .50
Foxhill Possible Dreams porcelain Santa mug  $1.00
3 Princess House Fantasia mugs $1.25 ea.
Precious Moments figurine  $2.50
Sm. vintage metal tray  $1.00
Box of mercury glass ornaments  $1.00
Gold shabby chic letter holder  $1.50

Whew!  When I get a chance, I will post some pics of my finds.   Happy Easter everyone!!!     

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