Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I can finally add some pics!

Here are some vintage Santa mugs and boots that I started picking up a few years back.  My collection has grown since this pic was taken.  Now I can start funneling some of them into my booth and keep the ones I'm attached to. 


  1. Hi Tammy! You all have some great junking spots over there don't you!
    Bloom and Bee swanky was definitely on my list of awesome shops!! You should go visit there again soon!!! Thanks for coming over for a visit.
    I noticed you are kind of new to Blogland! Welcome! There is a great e-book that you might really find helpful to navigate around Blogger and learn all about the cool things that you can do. It's at
    (Yes, it's my book, but I wrote it to help out newbies... so maybe it could benefit you. I know I wished I had one like it when I first started out!)
    Have a great weekend!


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