Monday, April 18, 2011

Hwy 80 Sale was fun!

We went to the Hwy 80 Sale Saturday and had a great time.  I noticed that there were more vendors participating this time than in the past two times I have been.  I found several items this time:

Vintage Christmas kneehugger elf  $1.00
Vintage green canister set  $ .50
Flower paperweight  $5.00
Flat iron  $10.00
Fire King Royal Ruby vase  $ .50
Fire King Foest Green vase  $ .25
Pillsbury Doughboy canister  $2.00
Route 66 mug  $ .50
Vintage 1/2 coffee cup  $ .50

I am keeping this beautiful paperweight for myself.  I really had to turn on the charm to convince the owner to sell it to me as he had it in a lot with other items that I didn't want! 

Here is a pic of our tiny 6x6 booth.  I am really anxious to move into the bigger booth!

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