Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daydreaming about Indiana

Work is slow today, so I am sitting here daydreaming about being in Indiana.  I live in Texas and have done so for many years, but I call Indiana home and I miss being there.  If it weren't for my good job, and inheriting a nice home from a relative, I would move back to Indiana in a second.  It's not that I don't like Texas.  Texas has many wonderful qualities, but I just love the more laid back lifestyle in Indiana.  I love driving on Hwy 40 with nothing but cornfields on either side and the small towns in between that have great little antique shops.  I love seeing the blooming peonies, snowball bushes, and the hydrangeas.  I love the wonderful old homes that have porches you can sit out on.  Here is a pic of the home where I grew up in Indianapolis.

God, I love that old house!  Sigh!

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  1. Indiana is funny like that, isn't it? I grew up in Fort Wayne and, everytime I moved somewhere else, I pined for my life in IN. Eventually I did move back and it didn't take long to think, "Why did I move back here?" LOL!

    Love the house you grew up in-gorgeous!


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