Saturday, December 10, 2011

My vintage tree

I've been wanting an aluminum tree as long as I can remember. I finally found one on eBay that was within my budget

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bottle Brush Mania!

Yesterday I decided to go to the Salvation Army during my lunch hour to browse, because I needed to get away from the office.  I'm glad I went because I found fourteen, yes fourteen, bottle brush wreaths still in the package.  I bought 5", 4", and 3" wreaths in green and white with metallic beads and sheer bows already on them.  They are so cool!  They were .49 cents each!!!  I didn't have time to take pics last night as I had to go to my sons band Christmas concert, but they are very similar to the pics below.

I am just so happy to have these and I am not selling them in my booth.  I'm keeping them all for me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My lunch hour finds!

It was pretty out today, so I thought I'd hit a few yard sale during my lunch hour.  Here's what I found:

Vintage flat top leather suitcase  $1.00
Four vintage Christmas cookie tins  .25 cents each
Sock monkey kit (still in package)  $1.50
Two decks old playing cards  $1.50
Four Spode Christmas cup/saucer sets  $2.00 per set    (I couldn't pay and get out out of there fast enough!)

Not bad for 45 minutes.  I hit five yard sales and I had 15 minutes left on my lunch hour!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I junk for lunch

Today I decided to leave work during my lunch hour and hit the Salvation Army Store nearby. I was thrilled when I found a jewelry chest just like this one for $59.99. It is in outstanding condition. When it was being loaded into my Jeep, I noticed it still had the JCPenneys price tag on it for $399.99. I've been wanting one like this for a long time, but they were a little too pricey for me. I am just thrilled to pieces!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There could be worse addictions!

Okay, now I know I am addicted to junking!  I went on a three day business trip in Shepherdstown, WV and noticed that they had a thrift store as we were driving through the town on the way to the hotel.  After finishing working on Friday, a co-worker and I decided to check it out.  I purchased four items:

1 pair of long kidskin gloves
1 pair of long kidskin gloves with cutout design
1 vintage brooch with flowers and jewels
1 Home Interiors angel ornament (It was an old one)

I probably could have bought more, but I had very limited space in my suitcase and I was carrying on, rather than checking a bag.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh happy day!

I received a call from my Dad yesterday afternoon and he informed me that he just cleaned out his attic and wants me to come over at lunch to see if I want anything.  He already told me that he has some old suitcases and an old piano stool with porcelain claw feet.  Heck yes I want to come over!  Don't know what else they are getting rid of, but my Dad and his wife (I hate saying Step-Mother, that sounds evil) have nice stuff!  I'll post my finds tomorrow evening, and also my finds from the Antique Alley sale this past weekend.  Toodles! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A few more of my collections

 I'm falling down on the job blogging lately.  With school starting and my son involved in band and Scouts, we stay busy.  Here are a few more of my collections:

I have several pieces of Pyrex primary color pieces, but I love my mixing bowls the best.  I put that set together piece by piece before the prices got crazy.  I used the wine rack on the bottom of this rack to store my vintage rolling pins.  The elephant cookie jar is exactly like the one my Grandmother had when I was little and when I saw it at the Goodwill for $6.99, I knew I had to have it.  The bluebird cookie jar was also found at the Goodwill for $4.99.  I found the Debbie Mumm toaster cookie jar at a flea market in Fort Worth for $9.99. 

This Coca-Cola ice chest will always have a special place in my heart.  My Grandpa bought it for me as a wedding present in 1997.  He asked me and my husband what we wanted (we just happened to be at Webb's Antique Mall in Indiana) and we told him that we found something we liked, but it was a little pricey.  My Grandpa, who spoiled me rotten, shelled out $125.00 for this piece.  I love it so much and I will always treasure it.  I miss my Grandpa so much.  He was a very interesting man, who liked to junk.  I guess it is an inherited trait!

Here are a few of my Longaberger baskets.  They are so beautiful and functional also.  My Mom used to be a consultant, so I got alot of my baskets as gifts, but I find them all the time at the thrift stores here because alot of people don't know what they are.  I'm always picking them up for .99 and $1.99. 

That's all i've got time for today ladies, but I'm going to the Antique Alley (Hwy 4) Sale this weekend.  I know I will have some good finds to share with y'all on Monday.  Until then!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some of my own collections

I thought I'd share some pics of things I have at home.  I have several other collections, but these are all I could muster up this morning before heading out to work.  Enjoy!

These are a few items from my anthropomorphic collection.  I just love looking at these cheery smiling faces every morning! 

Miscellaneous advertising items on top of my English kitchen cabinet

Here is my jadeite collection housed in my English cabinet.  I have about 200 pieces, and although I no longer actively look to buy jadeite, if I find a piece that is really cheap I will buy it.

A small portion of my vintage tablecloth, potholder and apron collection.  I have half of the English cabinet stuffed full of these items.  I just love vintage fabrics!

 Here is my pitcher and drinkware collections started by accident.  I started compiling sets really cheap to put in my booth then I found I couldn't part with them. 

This is my vintage kitchen utensils collection.  They are hanging on a basket tree from the ceiling.  It's a great way to display them and have them up out of the way.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Thanks for checking out my stuff!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just back from Indiana!

I finally got to bring my 50's kitchen cabinet home that I had been storing at my Grandma's house for two years.  I bought this cabinet for $80 at an estate sale in New Paris, OH and hauled it 1,000 miles back to Texas. 

I'm going to paint to it and display some of my jadeite in it!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Leaving Friday for Indiana!!

I am psyched because Friday I am leaving for Indiana for a whole week.  Yippee!!!  This means I will get to find some great stuff for the booth (and myself) for cheap!  We are going to stop on the way in Rolla, MO and go to the Rolla Antique Mall.  It's a nice mall with decent prices.  Last year I found a large ziplock bag full of Renwal dollhouse furniture for $15.00!  I also found a cute anthropomorphic salt & pepper set for $6.00.  We also went to and estate sale and I bought a vintage kitchen hutch for $80.00 and three boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments for ---wait for it---10 cents a box!  I can't wait to get back to my home State and get away from this heat here in Texas and be surrounded by corn fields and great places to junk.  I'm also looking forward to my Grandma's wonderful cooking.  She makes the best chicken and dumplin's.  I'm pulling back a trailer this time, so the sky's the limit on what I can bring home.  When I get back, I will post my finds.  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Promised myself I wouldn't buy anything

I haven't blogged in awhile because I made a promise to myself that I would stop buying until I can:

*Put the items I have stocked up in my spare bedroom into my booth
*Sort through the boxes that are stacked up in my garage. 

It's been hard not going junking, but I don't want to end up on Hoarders!  Lol.
I'm getting ready to leave for vacation in a few weeks and going to Indiana, so I'm sure I will spring for a few things there.  Antiques are so much cheaper there, than in Texas.  If I have time, I may post pics of my personal collections at home.  I have some cool stuff accumulated after yesrs of junking.

Hope everyone is having a splendid summer!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I just bought this cute set!

I collect anthropomorphic kitchen items and and I just purchased this cute tea bag holder set on Etsy.  I got it for WAY less than they are selling for on Ebay.

It comes with a cute wire holder to store them in.  I love it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heartbroken over a canned ham! : (

Where do I start?  I have been wanting a vintage camper for it seems like forever after I saw a magazine article about a group of ladies that refurbished their own camper and would meet once a year with other ladies that had refurbish old campers.  My cousins had two that they had restored and I wanted one so badly, but they did not want to sell theirs back in August when I was in Indiana.  Fast forward to March, I started talking about wanting a camper again and my Mom told me to call the cousins and see if they would sell me one of the campers.  I told her that if they wanted to sell surely they would have let me know so I farted around and put off making the call.  I just found out Sunday that they sold one of the campers four months ago.  WHAT???  I was so disappointed!  I got on Craigslist yesterday morning and found a Shasta camper for sale in the same town I live in and it was only $350.00!  I emailed the guy quickly and expressed my interest only to get an email back at the end of the day telling me that he sold it to the first person that emailed him.  I am so hungry for a canned ham that I can taste it!!!

This looks yummy!    

Monday, May 9, 2011

Junking withdrawals

I didn't get to go junking this weekend due to the yard sale at the Mansfield Antique Mall.  Two times a year (May and October) the antique mall rents spaces outside in the parking lot for two days to sell your wares.  It's a great way to get rid of items that wouldn't sell in a booth, and also bring traffic to the mall.  My Mom and I made $280.00 for the two days and we will be using the money to pay for our gas when we take a trip to Indiana in August.  I can't wait to go to Indy.  Antiques are so much cheaper there than in Texas and we always come home with a trunk load of great stuff!    

Friday, May 6, 2011

I heart Ebay!

I just won this cute cookie jar on Ebay.  I love it!  I collect anthropomorphic kitchen items and this will be so adorable in my kitchen!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why eat when you can junk?

I decided to make a quick jaunt over to the Savation Army at lunch and I'm glad I went.  I found the following items:

Longaberger basket  $ .99
Vintage tablecloth  $1.00
Vintage Christmas tablecloth  $2.50
Vintage table scarf  $1.99
Vintage Christmas dish towel  $1.99
Salt glazed hand thrown pottery pitcher  $2.99  - This had a very unique handle on it!!

I had to swing into Chick-Fil-A quickly and get a sandwich that I could eat on the way back to work so I wouldn't starve to death this afternoon, but it was worth it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

God Bless America!

Glad they finally nabbed Bin Laden.  Karma caught up with this evil human being.  God bless our military!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding was beautiful!

I am limping along on four hours of sleep today due to getting in from D.C. last night at 11 and then getting up this morning at 3 to watch the wedding.  It was beautiful, classy and elegant.  I absolutely loved Kate Middleton's dress, and Prince William looked so handsome!    It brought tears to my eyes when I saw William get out of the car.  I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding.  I was 16 years old and it made an impression on me, so much in fact that years later I got married and went to London for my honeymoon.  It was my fairytale come true.  I would love to go back someday and take our son to see some of the sites we got to experience.  I wish William and Kate lifelong happiness.  No more waity Katie, she finally bagged her Prince!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh, the junk was good today!

I found some awesome stuff today for CHEAP!!!  Here we go:

Vintage toaster cookie jar  $10.00  (This is SO cute, I'm keeping it for myself)
Louis Vuittan purse  $20.00  Yes, and it is authentic!!!
Coach purse  $20.00  Yes, this one is real too!!!
Paperweight  $4.00
Set of anthropomorphic S & P shakers (oranges)  $3.99
Cottage style teapot  $5.00
Porcelain Santa figurine  $1.00
Heavy duty wooden Texas shaped cutting board  $3.00
Boo Berry bank $1.00
Homco Christmas children set  $3.00
Homco Christmas angel set  $3.00
Med. Dreamsicle angel with bluebirds  $1.00  (This is signed by the artist!)
Sm. Dreamsicle angel with bluebird  $ .50
Hersheys Chocolate tin  $ .50
Foxhill Possible Dreams porcelain Santa mug  $1.00
3 Princess House Fantasia mugs $1.25 ea.
Precious Moments figurine  $2.50
Sm. vintage metal tray  $1.00
Box of mercury glass ornaments  $1.00
Gold shabby chic letter holder  $1.50

Whew!  When I get a chance, I will post some pics of my finds.   Happy Easter everyone!!!     

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taking Good Friday off and going junking!

So glad that I have a three-day weekend coming up.  It's supposed to rain here in the Dallas area, but that won't stop my Mom and I from getting out.  We junk rain or shine...or snow.  We junked when we went to Gatlinberg at Christmas and there were people snowed in on the highest ridge!  I hope we find some good stuff tomorrow.  I'm kind of burned out on buying glassware, but that is what I gravitate towards, so I'm going to be thinking outside the box and looking for unusual items.  I'll post my finds this weekend.     

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daydreaming about Indiana

Work is slow today, so I am sitting here daydreaming about being in Indiana.  I live in Texas and have done so for many years, but I call Indiana home and I miss being there.  If it weren't for my good job, and inheriting a nice home from a relative, I would move back to Indiana in a second.  It's not that I don't like Texas.  Texas has many wonderful qualities, but I just love the more laid back lifestyle in Indiana.  I love driving on Hwy 40 with nothing but cornfields on either side and the small towns in between that have great little antique shops.  I love seeing the blooming peonies, snowball bushes, and the hydrangeas.  I love the wonderful old homes that have porches you can sit out on.  Here is a pic of the home where I grew up in Indianapolis.

God, I love that old house!  Sigh!

Found these cute baby pictures

I forgot I found these cute baby pictures about a week ago.  The first one was $2.00 and unframed, but I have a frame I found on the curb on trash day that I can use to frame it and put in my booth.  The second picture was already framed and was only $1.00!  Oh I love junking and getting great stuff for nearly nothing, decorating my home with it, or putting it in my booth to make some extra money so that I can junk some more!

These would look so cute in a babies room!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A few other items

Here are pics of a few other items I found this past week:

The flat iron was from the Hwy 80 Sale and the House of Hatten Santa and the childs cup were from last week. 

Hwy 80 Sale was fun!

We went to the Hwy 80 Sale Saturday and had a great time.  I noticed that there were more vendors participating this time than in the past two times I have been.  I found several items this time:

Vintage Christmas kneehugger elf  $1.00
Vintage green canister set  $ .50
Flower paperweight  $5.00
Flat iron  $10.00
Fire King Royal Ruby vase  $ .50
Fire King Foest Green vase  $ .25
Pillsbury Doughboy canister  $2.00
Route 66 mug  $ .50
Vintage 1/2 coffee cup  $ .50

I am keeping this beautiful paperweight for myself.  I really had to turn on the charm to convince the owner to sell it to me as he had it in a lot with other items that I didn't want! 

Here is a pic of our tiny 6x6 booth.  I am really anxious to move into the bigger booth!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hitting the Hwy 80 sale tomorrow!

I'm really psyched for the Hwy 80 sale, and I hope I find some good stuff.  We hit the road at 7am tomorrow.  I'll make sure to post some pics and list my finds!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I can finally add some pics!

Here are some vintage Santa mugs and boots that I started picking up a few years back.  My collection has grown since this pic was taken.  Now I can start funneling some of them into my booth and keep the ones I'm attached to. 

Gotta love those Texas storms!  I am dragging today due to waking up at 1:45am on Tuesday because of a bad storm that came through and caused a power outage.  Power was off for several hours, and I could not go back to sleep.  It's catching up with me today. 

Item image

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fairly good junking day

I went out on Saturday with my Mom and brother and we hit 4 estate sales plus two Goodwill stores.  Here is what I picked up:

Set/4 Christmas shaker boxes  $2.00
vintage ceramic childs cup  $ .59
Fire King Apple Dumplin cup  $ .59
Ladderback chair w/ woven seat  $4.00
House of Hatten folk art Santa  $ .50  (saw one on Ebay for $39.99)
Bone china gold rimmed floral plate  $1.00
Country snowman candy dish  $1.00
Hallmark red toile Christmas cookie platter  $3.00
Wagner Ware cast iron corn stick pan  $2.00

We also made a trip over to my sister-in-laws parents home (they are both deceased) because she wanted us to see if they had anything over there that she could put in the booth.  We found all kinds of great stuff!!!  It was like American Pickers!  She left with a large trunkload of stuff, and she even gave me a bag of quilt squares that I can put together and make a crazy quilt out of it.  I am really looking forward to the Hwy 80 sale this weekend.  I hope we find some good treasures!  Now that we are getting the bigger booth, we will have room for larger items.    


Friday, April 8, 2011

Junking instead of eating lunch!

Today I went to an estate sale at lunch and purchase a few items.  I bought two boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments (the indented kind) and a great pair of old scissors for $5.00.  Whose got time to eat lunch when there are so many yard sales out right now?  You would think I would be a thin person!  It's amazing how many yard sales I can hit in an hour. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting closer to the weekend! That means yard sales!

I will actually have time to junk this weekend, in between yard work (blech).  I have a $10.00 frequent shopper card at Goodwill to spend, so I am excited about that.  Free stuff baby!  Yeah!!!  I've already decided on what the new booth will look like.  I'm going to paint the walls a buttery yellow and have a black & white checkered floor.  I already have the paint and the self stick tiles, so it won't cost us anything.  I will post pics as soon as we (my booth buddies are my Mom, Brother and Sis-In-Law) get moved in and the booth filled.  It should be toward the end of April according to the antique mall owner.       

Monday, April 4, 2011

A slow junking weekend

I had very little opportunity to junk this weekend due to my brother being in the hospital, but I did stop by a flea market on the way home from the hospital yesterday.  I didn't find anything, but my Mom bought two nice scrapbooking books for $2.99 and $3.99.  Definitely going to be junking this weekend to find things for the new booth that we will be moving into in a few weeks.  So excited!  We will be hitting the Highway 80 sale on the 16th.  We went last year in April and then again to the fall sale in October,  and it is so much fun with lots of treasures to find!  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mansfield Antique Mall Spring Sale!

The Mansfield Antique Mall in Mansfield, TX will be having a spring sale April 8-10.  Every booth will be running a sale and there will also be snacks.  This is the antique mall that my booth is in, and there are 100 dealers.  Come and join the fun and snag yourself some great vintage stuff at a discount.  See you there!

Antique Mall of Mansfield



Monday, March 28, 2011

The junk was plentiful on Saturday!

My Mom and I were out all day on Saturday hitting the yard sales and thrift stores.  I found so much stuff that I can only remember some of what I found.  Here's what I can recall:

Vintage type tray  $2.00
Debbie Mumm cookie jar  $5.00
4 tier teacup stand  $1.00
set/4 Pyrex mixing bowl set $7.00
black iron 3 plate holder $3.00
old Hallmark ornament  $1.25
Burma Shave mug  $ .59
7 pieces Fiestaware  $9.00
3 Little Golden books  $  .79 each
Tupperware lettuce keeper  $1.00
Snowman nesting doll set/4  $3.00
Porcelain victorian shoe $3.00
Southern Living Christmas cookbook  $2.00
Shiny Brite ornament set (5)  $1.00
Coca-Cola paperweight  $3.00

There's more, but I just can't remember what else I bought.  I just found Friday that I will finally be getting a larger booth in the antique mall.  Right now I am in a 6 x 6.  Starting in mid-April, I will be in an 8 x 10.  I can't wait!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Junking on weekends

Oh I just love the weekends when I can hit the yard sales!  Today though, I went to the Goodwill store close to my work and here is what I found:

Vintage picnic basket  $2.99
Anchor Hocking amber Milano tumbler  $ .79
Green depression glass sherbet  $ .59
Two adorable pictures @ $5.99 ea.
Set of vintage pyrex mixing bowls  $2.99

Not too bad for a lunch hour excursion!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Items found this past weekend

I had limited time to junk this past weekend due to a family crisis, but found the following items:

Two tin signs  $1.00 each
blown glass paperweight $1.00
Vintage kitchen towel w/ embroidery  $ .69
shabby chic trellis (chippy white w/ ivy scrollwork and birds)  FREE, it was in a dumpster

Yes, I've sank to an all new low, I'm dumpster diving for treasures!